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Mud On My Stilettos

Many who look at this picture would be appalled that someone would

wear Christian Louboutin heels in the dirt. I’d have to agree, it’s not a normal picture, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words and this image embodies who I am. Considered a city girl due to my red carpet appearances and platinum recording artist status, I however, live in the country and I work for it. When I was in Nashville creating my solo EP, I would take meetings, write music, discuss who I was and how my brand was different. That was an easy answer for me…”I don’t mind a little mud on my stilettos”. The response was always a positive one. It took an actual event for me to come up with this one simple line that covered such a large scope. Let’s really paint this picture. I live above a barn, it is exactly what it sounds like, the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room are all located above an actual horse barn, stalls and all. One evening I was getting ready to go and perform, I had just finished getting dressed and putting on my Louboutin's to complete the look. I went to touch up my hair, sure enough the circuits overloaded and I tripped a fuse. Still dressed in my stage attire (heels and all), I made my way down into the dark barn with a flashlight. I found the electrical box, flipped the switch and headed out through the dirt of the barn floor. At that moment I had to laugh at the juxtaposition, I even said to myself out loud, “I'll bet Christian Louboutin never imagined his shoes in a barn!" To this day when someone wants to know who I am in a nutshell, I use my famous line. To me it embodies a classy girl who keeps it together, but doesn’t mind getting dirty while working hard and doing what it takes to get the job done. And yes, I have written a song about it, one day I’ll record and share.

Art is life and from life we discover art. My art just has a little dirt on it!


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